Why Your Etsy Shop is Failing

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This Etsy selling tutorial will help you troubleshoot what’s goin’ on in your shop, why you aren’t getting the results you want and will feature some apps and tools to help you fix the problem and succeed.

http://richmombusiness.com/failingetsy – X0X0 Renae.

Watch the video to know more about why your etsy shop is failing.


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“Renae, this is your Bestie, I need a tutorial on WordPress. No Renae, I need a tutorial on Pinterest. Please do a tutorial on Etsy SEO. I’m hungry”

After creating training videos for you Besties for over 2 years and putting out more than 600 videos, suddenly I realized last week that we need a troubleshooting video. Because the training is good, the training is online casino in canada there but some of you Besties are still confused at why your Etsy shops aren’t performing like they should. I offered a brand new training to show you how to build a Website to mirror your Etsy shop and stand on your own, and I will still do that training when we get 200 votes for that. Right now we’re still in need of about 104 votes before I can create that for free for you. If you want to vote for that training you need to go to richmombusiness.com/myvote

In the mean time, while those votes are building up, I want to do a brand new Etsy webinar called SMACKDOWN: The real reason you aren’t getting sales on Etsy. With this new webinar we are going to analyze your shops and I will show you tools and apps available to analyze the reason behind your Etsy shop struggles. Because if we don’t know why your Etsy shop is struggling we can’t fix it right? Now, I can only have 100 registrants for my webinar ok? So be sure to register quickly. My webinars fill up faster than anything else I do.

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I’m excited. this is by far one of the best webinars I’ve ever created and it’s going to be absolutely jam packed with troubleshooting help if you’re struggling.

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Etsy Webinar | http://richmombusiness.com/failingetsy