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We already have a discount for this WAHM Site/Business!

I have a very special story to share with you all today in coordination with this WAHM Business review.

I’ve been waiting for just the right moment to share this so I hope you’ll all be kind as you watch.

Many of you WAHM stationers will recognize the business name. It is our own Serendipity Designs from the Let’s Talk Stationery forum. Her package is a great example of everything that should be included with an order.

You can find the wahm discount code link on our discounts page:

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work at home mom businesses inspirational quotes it is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed theodore rooseveltI’m so clunky on my vlog and have a hard time getting the right emotions across to you single moms wanting to start a WAHM Business.

I am in no way a professional speaker like other business coaches I’ve seen.

I hope that my authenticity comes across more than anything.

I know that you single moms can start businesses and build empires. I’ve seen it happen.

You have more tools now than ever before. I’m here to help you. I may stutter and fumble over my words but I do have experience and a sincere desire to help you.

My service to all of you wanting to start a WAHM Business is the actual tools, kits and knowledge I’ve used to start my own successful WAHM Businesses for myself and my clients.

I’ve read books telling me to go find a speech coach and learn how to sell. These are all wrong tactics. None of them work in today’s social media/review run business world.

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WAHM Businesses continue to shock and amaze me and Hello Gorgeous Bath is the most recent to do so.

I knew the owner, Nellie, on my stationery forum and had no idea that she had a side bath and body business.

All of a sudden she mentioned her business in my stationery forum and I thought, You’ve been holding out on me! 

Well, she’s not holding out any longer. She’s offered the Rich Mom community a generous discount that you can find on the discounts page.

Grab the discount then head on over to her WAHM Business on Etsy:

But first, here are a couple photos of her WAHM business along with a vlogged video review. Warning — the vlog post gets a little messy …

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I promised I would blog and vlog both the ups and downs of my first year of my wahm business. I feel that this should also include my business decisions, even if they are HUGE blunders.

This blunder was a big one. I have no excuses. I’m really embarrassed … and really sorry. See my You Tube vlog to see my wahm business blunder and apology.

I’ll post the video on the blog as well here:

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work at home mom businesses inspirational quotes jack dixon if you focus on results, you will never change. if you focus on change, you will get results wahm businessesWhen you’re running a work at home business, you should be completing daily tasks to help your sustainability and growth. It’s like brushing your wahm business teeth. :)

Despite what all those get rich quick books say, running a wahm business is hard work –especially for the first year.

Here are a few tasks I do each day to help my wahm business grow by inches each day.

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