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New Cameos sold by Nell’amore on Facebook

We have a new, personal discount added to our WAHM Discount Directory.

Well, technically, the the directory doesn’t exist yet. I’m still working on it. 

But the discount has been added to our loooong list of discounts anyway.

If you haven’t seen our WAHM discount list check it out here.

See the announcement in detail by clicking my vlog post below.

Her facebook page:

I have this crazy big plan to add hundreds of freebies and discounts to the site.

So I thought to myself Oy. That is going to be one massive list that everyone will hate to look at. Who’s going to want to scroll through hundreds of freebies and discounts for their WAHM Business?

Yuck right?!?

I’ve decided to implement a newly organized WAHM directory for freebies and another WAHM directory for discounts. See my Vlog today for more info and let me know what you think. If you tell me your thoughts now I’ll be able to shape it according to all your biggest dreams and desires. :)

It will probably take a few weeks to implement the directories after I get back from the wedding.

make money with pinterest power of pinning review pinterest success guide wahm work at home mom business pinterest_SuccessWhy didn’t you all tell me?

My Pinterest guide sucks rocks!

I had a feeling after I released it and heard only crickets that something was wrong.

Explanation and apology: I told you all that I myself was learning about how to make money on Pinterest so I tried to secure the rights to a guide that would help us all. Clearly, this guide is not the be all end all. –I don’t think I said that phrase right.

I’m sooo sorry. I plan to make it up to you. I watched a webinar from “The Power of Pinning” and knew right away that my guide is less than great. In fact, I think it sucks rocks now too. You can view a replay of the webinar by clicking here.

I plan on digging deep into Pinterest this week and make a whoooole Pinterest KIT instead of just the guide for you all. (Free as usual, of course).

You can plan on the release within a week or two. I want to really get into it. You can expect more, tips, tools and tutorials with screenshots and several Pinterest graphic backgrounds for you to use for your own Pinterest projects.

All of you who have purchased the Pinterest guide will get the new Pinterest kit free.

Let me know what you think. Please post below if you have any requests for the new, expanded Pinterest kit.

pinterest inspirational quote there are no shortcuts to any place worth going beverly sills wahm forumFor those who missed it, the Rich Mom Etsy Video series for WAHM businesses was featured on Handmadeology!

I am honoured to be featured on such a high profile blog. I am such a fan of anything Timothy does. Timothy is the owner of Handmadeology –and don’t tell him I said so but he should really be charging more for his products.

I’ve been thinking about doing an extra tutorial just for his Social Media Tracker. Please comment if you’re interested.

I also want to extend a special WELCOME to the fans of Handmadeology who found Rich Mom through the post.

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 wahm businesses work at home mom businesses inspirational quotes if you fail to plan you may as well plan to fail work-at-home-mom-businesses-inpirational-quotes-failAfter releasing a few freebies for WAHM businesses, I quickly realized that we need one big bad freebie that would make you all go weak in the knees. So I worked day and night to develop the following WAHM freebie bundle for ya’ll. I hope you love it!

The software is actually an exclusive for our own WAHM forum members and isn’t available in my boutique.

Note to new WAHMs — To get these freebies, you need to be a registered member of our WAHM forum.

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