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Have you ever tried shopping online or making orders simply based on the brochures you have? If yes, then what are your criteria for choosing which product to buy? Me? Well, I have to say it’s the product photos that first catch my eye. After all, as I mentioned in my previous posts, great product presentation can make the customers and prospects buy a product, even if they haven’t tried it before.

One thing you have to keep in mind, though, is that product photos don’t just come out great by themselves. Rather, you need to spend time, effort, and, sometimes, money to make your photos look professional, desirable, and enjoyable. If you’ve just started your stay at home mom business and are looking for ways to easily sell your products, then these creative product photography techniques will surely help!

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In our previous review of shopping carts, we took note of TabJuice as the best cart for anyone who prefers to go social or, rather, use Facebook as a marketing platform. Today, we will go through a step-by-step process of how to use TabJuice—a Facebook app that will help you promote and boost your stay at home mom business.

How to Set Up Your Facebook Shop with TabJuice

1. Search for TabJuice on Facebook and click on the result under Apps. The first time you check out this app, you will see the notification below. Click “Go to App.”

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Regardless of the niche or type of customers targeted, businesses will always end up with one goal—exchanging your goods for payment. If you want to succeed with your stay at home mom business, then you have to be smart and plan how you can sell to your target customers in an organized and efficient way. One of the best ways to do it is to use and incorporate a shopping cart in your website.


Shopping Cart: Who, What, When, and Where

A shopping cart is software created and used to assist people while purchasing products, both real and virtual, or services online. Shopping cart software works just like real shopping carts in the sense that they help the customers with the following:

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Regardless of the type of audience you are targeting or are planning to target with your stay at home mom business, you must always incorporate Facebook in your marketing plan. Facebook has grown into one of the most popular ways to socialize and to succeed with online businesses today. If you haven’t started a Facebook page for your business because you’re doubtful of its capabilities, then today’s topic will surely enlighten you.

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If you’re planning on stocking or selling your own products for your stay at home mom business, then you’ll need a make shift photo studio. Sometimes make shift studios are even better than expensive purchased ones because they have textures that customers tend to love.

After searching online for what seemed like an eternity for a good background for my products, I decided to create my own. I saw an awesome idea on turning a cutting board into a photo backdrop for a tabletop studio so I thought I would give it a go. It turned out better than I thought and it was super easy to make. So here are the details on what I used.

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