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The stress of the wedding, school starting, the love of my current businesses, my new business and a baptism coming is mounting.

For this wahm blog post, I am going to do something a little unorthodox and ask for your help on my wahm blog.

I’ve given you my tips and advice when I get stressed. But this scenario calls for more.

What do you do when the world piles on top of you and life feels impossible?

See the corresponding vlog post with this video below. Please excuse the blubbering.

stay-at-home-mom-businesses-inpirational-quote-pajamas stay at home mom businesses inspirational quote pajamasBusiness plans are like our guiding lights to success. I’ve said before that failing to create a business plan can lead to poor results, if not failure. However, I also have to say that creating a business plan with a lot of mistakes is just as bad, probably even worse.

That said, I’d like to warn all mom entrepreneurs of the five mistakes that people commonly and unconsciously make when creating business plans.

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stay-at-home-mom-businesses-gratitude-get-even  stay at home mom businesses seo

Dear Mom Entrepreneurs,

I heard you. You told me here on the blog, in the forum and through e-mail. You all want to know how I got my sites to the top of Google and you want to learn how to do it yourself or outsource the task for pennies on the dollar.

It’s easier than you think. It’s just like any other industry where knowledge = power. In this case knowledge = CRAZY GOOGLE POWER!

Is it worth it? Absolutely.

What Mom Entrepreneurs Need to Know:

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I am going to make a fool of myself for a little bit because I am abslutely disgusted with the advice I hear people giving moms in order for mom entrepreneurs to start their own home business.

Moms are not idiots people! No wonder moms aren’t starting businesses. People are giving them bogus advice.

Here are the top 3 pieces of crap that people keep repeating over and over again to moms about building a stay at home business and then I’ll tell you the 3 correct, legitimate tips that no one seems to be telling moms.

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There are a lot of things you can do to become one of today’s successful mom entrepreneurs. Regardless of the nature of your business, though, one thing that can guarantee that you’ll get a lot of interested visitors and higher sales are great photographs. How exactly do you get the best images? Well, one thing is to use and learn all about SLR Cameras.

ABC of SLR Cameras

slr-camera, mom entrepreneurs

I can’t tell you how great photos taken with SLR cameras come out. There’s just something so magical about them. Even something as mundane as a cup of coffee and newspaper may look vintage and attractive. That’s the power of SLR cameras.

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Blogs have rapidly become a great tool for single mom entrepreneurs. With blogs, establishing your reputation online, building a brand, and starting a business has now become a piece of cake. Are you planning to start one as well? If yes, then one you should specifically check out is Blogger. If you’re not familiar with it, then this tutorial will surely be of help!

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Sometimes Always as mom entrepreneurs, we are forced to face and deal with heart wrenching business decisions. This one, for me, is no exception. I spent weeks honing and perfecting the look of my blog. By the time I was finished it made my heart go pitter pat. I even went the extra mile and optimized everything for search engines. I also added all sorts of fun plug-ins.

Soon, after its public release, my server started crashing. It was affecting every site on my server. My beloved besties at Let’s Talk Stationery, hosted on my server, went through some serious withdrawals at this time.

I spent many nights on live chat with tech support.

I hired professional tutors to help me troubleshoot. –I learned a ton! I felt like I was in the Matrix half the time.

Still, I was never able to find what was wrong and what was causing the problem. Eventually, I had to make the heart wrenching decision to build the site from the ground up again with different options. This would have to include a new look.

NO! I was upset. Yes, I admit I was crying.

My thought process went something like this:

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Establishing a connection with your customers and casual readers is essential in further establishing your reputation and, eventually, increasing your bottom line. While a lot of single mom entrepreneurs might feel that taking initiative is out of line, surely, simply encouraging visitors to use the contact form should they have any inquiry will be easy.

We have been talking about the various facets of Facebook marketing in the previous posts, and this one is no exception. Today, creating a contact form takes only a couple of minutes. Just take a look at this contact form I made for my Etsy shop,

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I was going to write a big loooong tutorial for Mom Entrepreneurs on this but I found this absolutely outstanding You Tube video that shows you how to create the ad campaigns and goes even futher to show you how to do it inexpensively.

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I just read an article that I hoped would unveil even more success secrets for all you mom entrepreneurs. However, it looks like I’ll be putting together my own secrets for a stay at home mom business list for you because that article had absolutely no substance. Why are people putting such lame content out there for moms? Moms aren’t stupid and they can’t use advice like “Resilience, confidence and a balanced life” to make their home business a success. No wonder so many Moms can’t seem to get a home business started.

Here are my top 3 lost secrets for mom entrepreneurs and short tutorials on how to take advantage of said secrets. –I can’t find these anywhere else amongst the motivational mumbo jumbo for moms who want to start businesses.

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