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In this tutorial, we will now add our products to our ECWID shopping cart.

The process is pretty simple, but if it is your first time to do it, feel free to go over the steps as outlined below.

You can also watch the video for more comprehensive steps on how to add your product.

Okay, so here we go.

1. Log in to your account and then click on the Catalog tab.


2. You will see several products. Now, delete all those products by clicking the X box on the right side of every product.


3. To add a new product, click on the New Product tab.


4. Set up the general settings of your product. Set up the SKU, the weight and the name of your products.


5. Next, add the description as well as the product image.


6. Set up the price of your item. Once done, click Save.


7. If you like to add more pictures, just click on the Gallery tab and then upload your images. You can also set the tax and shipping rate by clicking on the Tax and Shipping tab.


8. If you like to add more products, just click on the Duplicate button on the upper left part of your dashboard. Repeat the process all over again.


9. Make sure to click Save when you are done making your necessary changes.

Click my vlog post below for a more in depth step by step tutorial of adding products on your ECWID account.

Today is the second tutorial in our ECWID Series.

You are joining me as I create my next ECWID Shopping Cart.

If you what to know what ECWID is and why it is the coolest shopping cart right now (and free) then checkout our introduction tutorial here:

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Let’s get to the settings section if the ECWID shopping cart today. { How to set up ECWID }

what is ecwid shopping cart setup ecwid shopping cart

Checkout the video tutorial below for free step by step help.

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