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How to add a discount code to ECWID.

Facebook shopping cart.

Cloud shopping cart.

Click the video below to watch how to add the discount feature to your ECWID account.

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If you are just joining us, this is probably the last part of our ECWID tutorial series.

If you don’t know what ECWID is or you want to start from the beginning, check out this link here:

We will now set up the ECWID app on Facebook so that we can start promoting our products.

Stay with me as I set up my ECWID app.

Share Buttons:

1. Log in to your account and then click on the System Settings tab. Click on the Social Tools tab.


2. Under the social tools, click share buttons. Enable the “Show Like Button” and then the “Show Send Button”.

Capture 2

3. Scroll your mouse down and you will be able to see Other Share Buttons. Enable those that you would like to enable.

Capture 3

4. Once done, click save.

Share Purchase:

1. Click the Share Purchase tab and then enter the twitter account of your store. Once done, click save.


FB Comments:

1. Click on the FB Comments tab.


2. Enable the “Show FB Comments”.

fb 2

3. Choose the color scheme, the number of posts and then the width.

fb 3

4. Set up your FB app id. Click the “set up your own Facebook application” link.

fb 4

5. A new window will appear. Follow the instructions provided. You can also watch the video below for a more detailed on how to set up your FB app id.

fb 5

6. Once you are done with all the changes, click save.

Click my vlog post below for step by step help for setting up the ECWID App on Facebook.

In this tutorial, we will now add our products to our ECWID shopping cart.

The process is pretty simple, but if it is your first time to do it, feel free to go over the steps as outlined below.

You can also watch the video for more comprehensive steps on how to add your product.

Okay, so here we go.

1. Log in to your account and then click on the Catalog tab.


2. You will see several products. Now, delete all those products by clicking the X box on the right side of every product.


3. To add a new product, click on the New Product tab.


4. Set up the general settings of your product. Set up the SKU, the weight and the name of your products.


5. Next, add the description as well as the product image.


6. Set up the price of your item. Once done, click Save.


7. If you like to add more pictures, just click on the Gallery tab and then upload your images. You can also set the tax and shipping rate by clicking on the Tax and Shipping tab.


8. If you like to add more products, just click on the Duplicate button on the upper left part of your dashboard. Repeat the process all over again.


9. Make sure to click Save when you are done making your necessary changes.

Click my vlog post below for a more in depth step by step tutorial of adding products on your ECWID account.

Now that we are done setting up the zones, shipping, taxes and payment settings in your ECWID account, the next thing that we should do is to set up the design setting.

This is a very exciting job and it will allow you to change the color and fonts of your store.

So, allow this tutorial to help you.

CSS Themes:

1. Log in to your ECWID account and then click on the System Settings tab. Click the Design tab.


2. Under the Design Settings, you will be able to see 2 tabs – CSS themes and the Thumbnail Sizes.

design 2

3. Select from the provided CSS Themes – standard, beige, or red. You can also make your own CSS Theme by clicking the New CSS Theme tab.

design 3

4. Once done, click activate and then save your changes.

 design 4

Thumbnail Sizes:

1. Click the Thumbnail tab, just beside the CSS Themes button.


2. Set the desired size of your products. Once done, click save.

Click my vlog post below for a more step by step help for setting up your ECWID shopping cart CSS Design Branding.

Now that you already have an account on ECWID, the third thing that you should do is to set up the taxes, the shipping and the payment details.

This is not a very difficult thing to do.

However, to help you out, here is tutorial to guide you along.


1. Log in to your ECWID account.

2. Go to System Settings. It is located just behind the Dashboard tab.

Capture 1
3. Click on the Zones Tab. You can either add a new zone by clicking the New Zone tab. Once you are done adding your preferred zones, click on save.


zone 2


1. Click on the Shipping tab. You will be able to see 2 tabs – shipping methods and origin address.

Capture 2

Capture 3
2. Click Shipping Methods tab and then below it, click the New Shipping Method.

Capture 4

3. Complete the necessary steps until you are able to make a shipping method. Once done, you will be able to see a shipping method on your dashboard.

Capture 5

4. Make sure to save all your changes, by clicking the Save button on the left side of your dashboard.

Capture 6


1. Click on the Taxes tab.

2. Click on the New Tax tab and then set up the tax. Once done, save your changes.

tax 2


1. Click on Payments tab. You will be able to see different payment methods.

2. If you like to provide some instructions for the customer, click the link that says ‘Instruction for Customer’ just beside the payment method. A new window will open and you can then save your instructions.

payment 2
3. Once you are done will all the changes, click save.

Click my vlog post below for detailed step by step instructions to learn how to setup taxes, shipping and payments on your ECWID shopping cart.

Today is the second tutorial in our ECWID Series.

You are joining me as I create my next ECWID Shopping Cart.

If you what to know what ECWID is and why it is the coolest shopping cart right now (and free) then checkout our introduction tutorial here:

ECWID Tutorial Series Introduction, ECWID app, What is ECWID?

Let’s get to the settings section if the ECWID shopping cart today. { How to set up ECWID }

what is ecwid shopping cart setup ecwid shopping cart

Checkout the video tutorial below for free step by step help.

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Announcing one of the best shopping carts EVER. –And it’s FREE.

There are lots of ways that you can use to sell and market your products, one of which is ECWID or E-commerce Widget. This is like a cloud shopping cart that allows you to sell and promote your products easily on different social media portals just like on Facebook or your blog.

I use it on my own blog and Facebook too. I’ll be adding a bunch of video tutorials in the ECWID app series so make sure you subscribe here or on You Tube so you don’t miss them. The first one is below.

Steps for Setting up Your ECWID Account

1. Open ECWID using your preferred browser. Then click the sign up now button. Since it is your first time to use the site, you will need to enter the necessary details – name, email and password. After entering the necessary details, click the register button.

Capture 1
2. Validate your email address. Click the verification link that is sent to your email.
Capture 3
3. Once you have your mail validated, you will be directed to your dashboard. You will be able to see there the widgets that you can use. Just copy and paste them on your web page. You can also see the last 10 orders on your dashboard as well your customers.
Capture 5

Capture 6

4. Always make sure to remember your store ID because you will be using it when you will copy paste the widgets. You can find your store ID on the left side of your dashboard.


That’s it. Once you are done creating an account, you can already start posting the widgets on your Facebook account. In no time, you will have customers and eventually, you will earn money.

Click my vlog post below for more info. about the ECWID app and how set up ECWID.

Thank you for the amazing support and comments after yesterday’s blubbering.

I have a renewed energy after getting my hair touched up in a new blonde.

I seriously think Blonde hair has special awesome-sauce powers.

I plan on doing a new video tutorial series after the wedding for you all. I was thinking of showing you all how to set up a ECWID shopping cart in the new, free vlogged tutorial series.This would all happen after the wedding, of course.

For those of you who don’t know what ECWID is, it is an awesome-sauce cloud type shopping cart that can be implemented right into your blog or Facebook. I have used several different shopping carts but this one is by far my favorite for my blog and Facebook pages. One of you tipped me off to it. Thank you!

The ECWID shopping cart is free for the most part but you can pay to unlock certain features like coupons and discount codes.

Post below if you’re interested in me doing a new, free video series on this and how to set up ECWID right in your blog and Facebook pages.


Click here for today’s new WAHM Vlog Post

To be honest, I was about to end the shopping cart week and start a new theme for today’s post. However, I just can’t miss the chance to introduce a shopping cart that I’ve recently found and—believe it or not—fell in love with. We have been discussing different things related to shopping carts, and a blog reader mentioned they use this specific shopping cart. I checked it out and was instantly hooked. In fact, I think this shopping cart is the bomb for the mom entrepreneur.

Top Benefits of Ecwid

So, what exactly makes the Ecwid shopping cart a great tool for new business owners, especially mom entrepreneurs like us? Here are some of the best reasons why, a.k.a. its top 3 benefits:

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