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There are a lot of things to learn when it comes to photography and product photos for stay at home mom businesses. I’ve taken lessons before, but it seems that I’m able to learn more in the wealth of resources I’ve found online. One that particularly caught my attention and I want to share with you all are the common mistakes people commit when taking product photos. If you have just started selling or are wondering why you’re not raking in bundles of cash, then it might be because of these reasons.

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To be honest, I was about to end the shopping cart week and start a new theme for today’s post. However, I just can’t miss the chance to introduce a shopping cart that I’ve recently found and—believe it or not—fell in love with. We have been discussing different things related to shopping carts, and a blog reader mentioned they use this specific shopping cart. I checked it out and was instantly hooked. In fact, I think this shopping cart is the bomb for the mom entrepreneur.

Top Benefits of Ecwid

So, what exactly makes the Ecwid shopping cart a great tool for new business owners, especially mom entrepreneurs like us? Here are some of the best reasons why, a.k.a. its top 3 benefits:

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In our previous review of shopping carts, we took note of TabJuice as the best cart for anyone who prefers to go social or, rather, use Facebook as a marketing platform. Today, we will go through a step-by-step process of how to use TabJuice—a Facebook app that will help you promote and boost your stay at home mom business.

How to Set Up Your Facebook Shop with TabJuice

1. Search for TabJuice on Facebook and click on the result under Apps. The first time you check out this app, you will see the notification below. Click “Go to App.”

Stay at Home Mom Business, TabJuice

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Today, we will continue our shopping cart discussions.

Regardless if you consider yourself one of the modern single mom entrepreneurs or not, you will need more than just a shopping cart to ensure business success. What are the other things or tools you can use that will compliment and boost your online business? Well, here are 6 you should certainly consider.

mom-entrepreneur, shopping-cart-tools

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Are you into any type of crafting? Do you want to sell art and crafting supplies or body oils, scrubs and lotions? Do you love collecting and selling vintage items? If you said “Yes” to any or all of those questions, then you should certainly learn about and master the art of selling on Etsy.

Etsy - stay at home moms businesses

The Mom Entrepreneur Craft World in Etsy

As we discussed in the previous post, “Top 7 Shopping Carts for Mom Businesses,” Etsy is a marketplace where you can sell your handmade and vintage items. Yes, there are a lot of other places where you can sell such products, but Etsy tops them all. Why? Well, let us look at some of the reasons why it’s the best:

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The quality of the presentation and the efficiency of the shopping cart used are two great factors that can and will affect annual, monthly, and daily revenues of mom businesses. If you want to increase your bottom line, then you have to pay attention not only to what you sell but also your shopping cart—the site where you sell at and the ecommerce solution you use.

Best Shopping Carts to Use

So, what are the best shopping carts and systems to use?

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Regardless of the niche or type of customers targeted, businesses will always end up with one goal—exchanging your goods for payment. If you want to succeed with your stay at home mom business, then you have to be smart and plan how you can sell to your target customers in an organized and efficient way. One of the best ways to do it is to use and incorporate a shopping cart in your website.


Shopping Cart: Who, What, When, and Where

A shopping cart is software created and used to assist people while purchasing products, both real and virtual, or services online. Shopping cart software works just like real shopping carts in the sense that they help the customers with the following:

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