Top 3 Bogus Advice Tips Always Given to Mom Entrepreneurs

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I am going to make a fool of myself for a little bit because I am absolutely disgusted with the advice I hear people giving moms in order for mom entrepreneurs to start their own home business.

Moms are not idiots people! No wonder moms aren’t starting businesses. People are giving them bogus advice.

Here are the top 3 pieces of crap that people keep repeating over and over again to moms about building a stay at home business and then I’ll tell you the 3 correct, legitimate tips that no one seems to be telling moms.

#1. Crap about goals

No one knows goals better than moms. You do not need to be lecturing them about writing down goals. Are you kidding me?

You think a mom who changes poopy diapers for 2 years isn’t fired up to get that kid potty trained? I guarantee she’s had the goal for 2 years before it happens. Stop with the goal lectures! We get it.

I’m not saying goals aren’t important. I’m just saying lecturing a stay at home mom about goals is like teaching a prima ballerina how to plie.

#2. Crap about motivation

Again, hello. Moms understand motivation more than anyone on the planet. It seriously takes something deep down inside to continue the huuuuge to do list that every mom seems to have.

It takes serious motivation to chauffeur your kids around, to school, from school, help with homework, oh, don’t forget to change another poopy diaper!

Unless you’re an alien –or my mother-in-law, you get through the craziness the best you can. You do it because you love your kids and understand there are rewards to come. Again, you change poopy diapers for two years just to hear that first I wuv you.

You think we don’t understand motivation in rough times? Mom entrepreneurs wrote the book!

#3. Crap about setting a schedule

This one is the funniest one of all. Yeah right. You stay at home moms and I, because I’m a stay at home mom too, know that one of the most difficult things to do with children is to set a schedule.

It is doable and you strive for it, but you and I both know that it’s actually achieved maybe 10% of the time. Once again, the advice givers are preaching to the choir hear. We know! We already do that!

Now, let’s move onto some fabulous stay at home business advice.

Good advice #1. STOP writing down your goals

Instead of writing down your goals write down a legitimate business plan. You think mens’ business books try to convince men to think about goals? Some of them do, but they might need to hear it because they aren’t stay at home moms who live it every day.

Most of the time though, pro advisers translate having goals into having a legitimate business plan. Same thing? Absolutely not.

A business plan is an actual map for action. When businesses are meeting financial representatives holding the keys to millions of dollars, do you think they talk about their goals? No way.

Those business owners wouldn’t get a penny. Instead, investors always ask for a polished business plan. This is what you need and we will be going over proper business plan writing in a couple weeks.

Good advice #2. STOP talking about motivation.

Instead of talking about motivation, we should be talking about perfecting a business mindset.

Same thing? Nope. Motivation is that thing in your head and heart that makes you have the desire to do something. It’s usually talked about in the context of adversity. Clearly you already have the desire to start or expand a business or you wouldn’t be searching for the subject in the first place.

A business mindset is a strategic way of thinking. It means you know what you want from your business –aka you have a business plan, and you are going to go out and get it.

Motivation is something we talk about when the motor of the car stops running and you need to give it a jump start. A business mindset is revving the engine because your car is on the freeway and isn’t going fast enough.

A business mindset with a business plan is an incredibly successful combination to have. Goals with motivation is the type of combination you have on New Years’ Eve.

Good advice #3. DON’T set a schedule for your business

I’m not saying don’t try to have a schedule with your kids.

You should continue that from the motherhood part of things, but for business? No. Do not try to force your business working into the schedule. If you do, wait until your kids are a little older.

Life is hard enough isn’t it? Instead, simply find a way to adjust. I know that sounds pretty broad but here is an example.

I work in the same room that my kids are playing. Sometimes they want to play in their rooms, sometimes they want to watch tv in the living room, sometimes they want to play in the backyard … you get the picture.

You don’t need to work all day long, but when you are working, just go where your kids want to be. They will be happier and you won’t be stressed about keeping them busy. They’ll keep themselves busy.

You will need a laptop if you’re going to do it the same way I do, but you get the point.

Do your best to set a regular schedule for your family in regards to eating, sleeping and school, but don’t pull your hair out trying to fit your business work hours in there.

I hope you agree with me that the first crappy tips should not be spread around further. I swear I see them in every stay at home mom business article ever written, and now that I’ve mentioned them, you will see them everywhere too.

It is my ultimate goal to change the world’s thinking and to start giving the correct advice so stay at home moms can start their stay at home businesses properly without all the fluff advice. Can it be done? I don’t know. That will be up to you. Pass it on and don’t forget to comment.

8 responses to Top 3 Bogus Advice Tips Always Given to Mom Entrepreneurs

  1. Love this article! Maybe we can make our banner~ Stop the Fluff real moms need real advice : ).

  2. This is a fab article Renae, and so true! There are so many people out there selling “fluff” as real advice, it’s sick.

    As SAHM/WAHM we know all about goals and motivation and schedules (if you can’t provide the first two on your own, you shouldn’t be starting a business). What is required is real advice on how to actually RUN a successful business and home at the same time – your points were so great on that!

    Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Brilliant, as always! So true!

  4. Love this! I am a stay at hope mom as well, with a thriving business (with help from my sister) and it is definitely a balancing act that I am somewhat mastering-finally :)

  5. Express IT Paperie July 30, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    Great article! Moms are definitely great at multi-tasking too…where they can start something, then be interrupted, and then resume again. How many times are we starting and stopping with out getting flustered or loose our train of thought. Our batteries keep on running when it comes to balancing family and work. You are right the lap top is great for moving to different rooms if you need to.

    • This is sooo true. I’m in the middle of training a new assistant, filling order, processing templates, checking my blog and sending out newsletters, –all while my kids are asking for milk, tacos and naps right now!

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