Creating Circles in Google+

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Creating circles in Google+.

Learn more about how you can successfully create your Google+ circles. XOXO LucyAlia.

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Hi besties! Last week, we talked about how you can successfully create a Google+ account. Today, we will discuss about circles. Z! Go get some juice for the besties! I love getting juice for the besties.

When you will access Google+ the very first time around, you will be prompted to add people you want to follow or those you personally know. There will also be a list of suggested people whom you can follow. Once you have followed people, they will then be included in your ‘Circle.’

The same is true with Twitter or Facebook, when you will follow someone, you will be able to see his/her activities published publicly. And, when you would like to add somebody to your Circle, you have the option to add them to ‘Family’, ‘Friends’, ‘Acquaintances’ and ‘Following’. You can also create a new Circle and name it as you would like it to be. Just click on the box below the list and then enter the name of the Circle.

Circles are like filters. You can easily share your content to people who are in your Circles and you will be able to see what they are sharing as well. When you will add someone to a Circle, he will be notified. However, he will not know which Circle he is in or the other people who are in the same Circle.

That’s it for the day! More tips will be shared next week!

Luv you all!

Peace out yo!

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