Clothings Summer: Dos and Don’ts for the Menswear Trend for Women

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Clothings summer: dos and don’ts for the menswear trend for women.

Learn how to become fashionable in terms of menswear trend by following these do’s and don’ts. XOXO LucyAlia. 

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Menswear trend for women is here again. This trend is something that even celebrities cannot help but try for casual days and red carpet events. What’s good about menswear is that it is always in style every year thus, you can stash your menswear clothes in the back of your closet and take them out again the following year. If you want to try this latest fashion craze this summer, take note of the dos and don’ts for the menswear trend for women.

Do: Pick Well-Tailored Pieces


When you choose menswear for your wardrobe, make sure to pick only well-tailored pieces. The clothes should be right for your frame, not so loose that it will engulf you like you’re wearing a blanket and not so tight that you look like you would burst an artery any minute.

You can wear menswear to work as long as they are well-tailored pieces. Ill-fitting clothes would be disastrous for your look. Menswear trend is perfect for the professional setting of the work place and you have many options including suit jackets, ties, vests, trousers and collared shirts. To save on shopping expenses, make use of Coupons of Menswear Trend for women to get discounts on well-tailored menswear.

Don’t: Think in Black and White


Experiment with colorful pieces when choosing menswear, don’t stick to black and white. Bear in mind that to make this trend work for you, you give it a touch of femininity. You can look for printed pieces too or stripes, checks and florals. Do not go out your door wearing menswear from head to foot because you will look manly enough that people will think you’re really a man.


Do: Mix Styles


Keep a feminine silhouette by mixing menswear with pieces that are fitted to your womanly shape. Use menswear as a wardrobe inspiration so don’t be afraid to mix styles like wearing a skirt with a tweed vest or a boyfriend jeans with a fitted tank. Just ensure that you are confident and comfortable with your look to make the trend work for you.

There is lots of menswear that you can experiment with like loafer-style pumps, Oxford-style boots, pinstriped pantsuits, collared shirts, tweed vests, boyfriend jeans, fedora and camel blazers.

Every time you make a wardrobe upgrade, do not spend too much. Look for items on sale because you can find great pieces if you just patiently look for it at the store. If you prefer to shop online, avail discounts and additional perks by using Express promo code 2014 or Coupons of Clothings summer.

Looking great and in fashion does not mean that you have to splurge to get well-tailored pieces. Be a smart shopper by getting the most of every cent that you spend.

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