Be Prepared: Learn First Aid with Your Kids

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Be prepared: learn first aid with your kids.

Learn how to deal with emergency situations with these tips. XOXO Ana. 

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Children in preschool or kindergarten are old enough to begin learning first aid with their parents. Perhaps the most basic information your child can learn is the number for emergency services – 911. We have all heard news stories of children communicating with emergency dispatch, telling the dispatcher that their parents are sick or hurt.

Child’s Maturity Level

Consider your child’s maturity level as well as his age. A younger child may be more able to stay calm in an emergency when an older child is frightened and unable to think about what should be done.

Children as young as three can learn to press the numbers for 911 in a bona-fide emergency. Role-play telling the dispatcher what is happening, with you taking the dispatcher’s role. Depending on how they respond in an actual emergency, they may be ready to participate in a first aid for parents classes.

Buy a small, basic first aid kit and show your child what is in the kit. Show him how to put bandages on small cuts. A first aid kit for children should hold the basics.

Teach Child About Danger

If you take a medication that is dangerous to children, you need to explain to your child that the medication is for your illness – that, if he takes it, the medication could make him very sick.

If you suffer from diabetes, you will have to teach your older children to determine when you are having a diabetes-related episode. If your blood sugar has fallen, show them how to help you eat a candy bar or drink a soda. If your blood sugar is too high, your oldest child should know how to draw up the correct dosage of insulin and inject it. Teach your children how to break the needle off the syringe before throwing them away.

Who Teaches the Child

You can teach your child basic first aid or, if you want him to learn beyond the basics, you can find a first aid class in your community. Both of you should attend the class so you learn the same material at the same time. A class in first aid for parents should have simpler material for children.

If a Family Member Has a Chronic Condition

Chronic conditions qualify as diabetes, heart conditions, seizure conditions and asthma. You may worry that telling your children too much will scare them. Their reactions all depend on what you tell them and how you tell them. Giving a simple, emotionless and matter-of-fact explanation of your condition or that of your spouse should serve to inform rather than frighten them.

It can be much more frightening to walk in on you or your spouse in the middle of an acute episode of illness. When they don’t know what is happening or how to handle the situation, they feel lost and helpless.

Very young children can be told, for instance, that you have trouble breathing sometimes. Explain that you use a special tool that allows you to breathe medicine into your lungs. Show them your inhaler and where you keep it. Tell them that, if you have trouble breathing, you want them to know where to find your inhaler.

Demonstrate to them how to give you the medicine. Put the inhaler in your mouth and pantomime pressing the actuator down. Remove it from your mouth and press it, so they see the mist come out of the mouthpiece.

If you or another family member suffers from any other chronic condition, do the same, tailoring your explanations and demonstrations to their ages and ability to understand. Make your explanations a part of teaching first aid basics. Read this story from a paramedic mom, for a perspective from a mother within the health profession, it might just give you some insight.

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