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When is a contract needed? I can think of a lot of things like construction, sales, and employment. Speaking of employment, it’s common for regular (aka brick and mortar) businesses to create contracts both for employees and clients. However, for stay at home mom businesses like ours, is it important to have? Some may say “No,” but for those of us who have experienced some failures or at least slips, they are more than important—they’re a necessity.

Benefits of Having a Contract

There are a lot of reasons why you must and should have a contract written, especially if you’re part of the service industry. I probably can’t list all of them, but here are some that I believe are the most important:

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heal green stay at home mom businesses

We have a special treat for you stay at home mom businesses today.

Jennifer Merrill is the owner of Green Quince, a boutique stationery company specializing in celebratory paper goods made of eco-friendly materials. When she’s not in the studio designing or printing on her antique letterpress, she can be found baking, sewing, and dreaming about her next trip to Paris (offset with carbon credits, bien sûr.)

Jennifer’s own green stay at home mom business can be found at:

Jennifer is our guest blogger today to help us make our stay at home mom businesses a little more green. Going green is also a niche that can be explored for each industry as more and more stay at home moms are looking to buy from other green stay at home mom businesses as well.

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richmomtv you tube channel for stay at home mom businessesThis is for you stay at home moms that can’t seem to find serious business advice to get your home businesses off the ground.

I am in the middle of creating a You Tube Channel and I dedicate it to all of the stay at home mom businesses and business owners –aka “mom.”

This channel is your channel. It is by me, but it is your channel, for you and will be inspired by you and your comments and questions on the blog and community forum.

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If you’re going to ask me, starting a photography business is one of the easiest and most enjoyable types of mom businesses today. Yes, we still need to make sure that our photographs come out gorgeous, but photography skill is something that quickly improves through time and practice.

If you’re planning to start a photography business, though, you have to be ready. Being ready doesn’t just mean having a great camera. Rather, being ready means having all the essential photography equipment and accessories. There are a lot of photography accessories you can get, but probably the seven most important ones to get are these:

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There are a lot of things to learn when it comes to photography and product photos for stay at home mom businesses. I’ve taken lessons before, but it seems that I’m able to learn more in the wealth of resources I’ve found online. One that particularly caught my attention and I want to share with you all are the common mistakes people commit when taking product photos. If you have just started selling or are wondering why you’re not raking in bundles of cash, then it might be because of these reasons.

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Taking pictures can really be a lot of fun, regardless if we’re doing it for personal purposes or for our stay at home mom businesses. That is until we find our pictures looking too bright or tinted. It’s good if only a few of the pictures ended up that way, but if, after a long photography session, the results remain the same, then you know you have to do something. After all, if the photos are product photos, they can dampen your bottom line. For me, that’s certainly a big no-no.

The great thing is that there’s a simple solution for this too-bright-and-ugly-to-use-photo dilemma. What is it? White Balance!

Understanding White Balance

Before I try to show how to use and play with White Balance, let me first talk about what it actually is. Basically, White Balance is a feature in cameras, mostly digital, that allows for the accurate representation of colors in photos. Proper White Balance adjustment enables photos to have more realistic colors, regardless of the light source’s temperature.

In that sense, White Balance is somehow created to mimic how our eyes function. That is to say, our eyes adjust based on the lights surrounding us and the object we are looking at. Due to this reason, a white paper remains white in our eyes unless the light source becomes excessively strong. White Balance, therefore, helps adjusting light temperatures and amounts. By utilizing White Balance, you can avoid or eliminate the blue, orange, or, sometimes, green cast in your photos.

Most people don’t realize that you can adjust white balance in both your camera and Camera Raw afterward for one amazing product photo. Let’s go over both.

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I am going to make a fool of myself for a little bit because I am abslutely disgusted with the advice I hear people giving moms in order for mom entrepreneurs to start their own home business.

Moms are not idiots people! No wonder moms aren’t starting businesses. People are giving them bogus advice.

Here are the top 3 pieces of crap that people keep repeating over and over again to moms about building a stay at home business and then I’ll tell you the 3 correct, legitimate tips that no one seems to be telling moms.

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Have you ever tried shopping online or making orders simply based on the brochures you have? If yes, then what are your criteria for choosing which product to buy? Me? Well, I have to say it’s the product photos that first catch my eye. After all, as I mentioned in my previous posts, great product presentation can make the customers and prospects buy a product, even if they haven’t tried it before.

One thing you have to keep in mind, though, is that product photos don’t just come out great by themselves. Rather, you need to spend time, effort, and, sometimes, money to make your photos look professional, desirable, and enjoyable. If you’ve just started your stay at home mom business and are looking for ways to easily sell your products, then these creative product photography techniques will surely help!

product-photography, stay-at-home-mom-business

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If I weren’t so busy with Rich Mom I would start a product photography business for myself as a stay at home mom. Let me help show you how to start a photography business for stay at home moms.

I actually watched a live photography webinar a few weeks back and the 20-year expert said something like –Everyone wants to photograph people but there’s more money to be made with product photography. The market is not saturated so there’s a lot of work out there for it.

AWESOME! All you have to do now is learn the fabulous skill of product photography and make a tabletop studio. Here is one of my most popular blog posts on how to build a tabletop studio:

Where to Learn the Art of Shooting – From Your Own Home

I have taken photography classes in school but they never taught me what I really needed to know to shoot a successful photograph. Even though I’ve mastered Photoshop to a certain extent –and even attended the Photoshop World Convention here in Las Vegas, I still struggled with my product photos.

I do NOT want you to go through the same thing.

If you’re going to start a successful photography business, or just want to improve product photos for your own business, here is one of the best reviewed schools that won’t cost $500-$5,000:

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There are a lot of things you can do to become one of today’s successful mom entrepreneurs. Regardless of the nature of your business, though, one thing that can guarantee that you’ll get a lot of interested visitors and higher sales are great photographs. How exactly do you get the best images? Well, one thing is to use and learn all about SLR Cameras.

ABC of SLR Cameras

slr-camera, mom entrepreneurs

I can’t tell you how great photos taken with SLR cameras come out. There’s just something so magical about them. Even something as mundane as a cup of coffee and newspaper may look vintage and attractive. That’s the power of SLR cameras.

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