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I’m surprised that moms looking for home based ideas act like there is an exact business model meant for the stay at home mom. Some moms find multi-level marketing companies like Scentsy but that is not among good home based business ideas for moms either. (I’ll save that for another post on another day).

I love and hate to break it to you, –there isn’t one idea that is a blockbuster idea for the stay at home mom. If there was, every mom would be doing it. You must create your idea and your business.

But this is good news.

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A dying woman once told me that she wished she had focused all her energy on developing one incredible talent throughout her life instead of trying various different projects. I thought about this hard. Most famous people have become famous because they focused their lives on one niche and became an expert or artist in that niche.

I then took the advice to heart and thought I must figure out what I want to do and do the same. I struggled to come up with an exact niche that I would love so passionately that I wouldn’t be tempted to stray. I seem to love everything and want to be a part of everything.

Then I realized that creation is my passion and successful business creation is what makes me swoon even more than rhubarb pie –and I love rhubarb pie above all.

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