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Pincushion Pinterest-Themed “Put A Pin In It” sold on etsy by kirstinrowan for $11.99

Go to to grab the top 6 keywords searched on pinterest for jewelry businesses.

X0X0 Renae.

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Hi Besties, So you own a jewelry business and one of your best bets is to get folks to notice your jewelry on pinterest, right? But one of the biggest errors I see ya’ll doin’ is … oh … Hang on just a sec, we have to do the intro.

The biggest mistake your owners of jewelry businesses are making on pinterest is that Ya’ll are guessing what words to put inside your descriptions. People are searching for inflatable earrings on pinterest right Tom.

The real problem is you don’t KNOW that people are searching the words you’re typing. You’re just assuming. After all, if the words popped in your head, they must pop inside someone elses right?


You’d be surprised that folks have very specific search terms that they use that YOU probably don’t know about. And if you match those search terms in your descriptions you have more of a chance of being found.

Are you nodding your heads, I can’t really tell. Maybe instead of just nodding thumbs up this video?

Wouldn’t it be nice to KNOW what people are searching on Pinterest? Then you could type THOSE keywords in your pins

and then more people would find you. Is there such a tool? There is, and I’ve already used it FOR you.

So if you want to know the 6 keywords most folks are searching on pinterest when they are looking for jewelry, then head on over to to grab them. You can grab the most used keywords over there and start using them in ALL of your pins. Do you hear me? All of your pins.

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Love you all

peace out yo

With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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Door Sign: Gender Reveal Party – Team Blue versus Team Pink Football Game Party Decorations die cut football helmet blue pink sold on etsy by BabyBinkz for $13.50

Go to to cast your vote if you want this extra Etsy tutorial and don’t forget to share.

At least 200 people need to commit to using it for me to thoroughly make it. Love you Besties! – X0X0 Renae.

Watch the video to know more about if you should opt for etsy or your own site.


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Hi Etsy Besties. As you may or may not have heard, etsy has made some massive policy changes that will affect your etsy shop. Etsy now allows mass produced products to be listed which has caused an enormous amount of Chinese suppliers to list items at unprecedented cheap prices. Which, in turn, has or will affect your own sales on etsy. This is heart breaking news to a lot of you as you can’t keep up with mass produced manufacturers. I have received dozens of emails from you etsy besties with pretty much the same concerns and questions

Should you stay on etsy? or should you leave?

I actually have a solid answer for this that I shall reveal shortly… we’re just waiting for the intro

The answer is to keep both an etsy shop AND make your own site but without the work of keeping up both. Allow me to explain.

Even if you’re banking on Etsy for traffic and sales, you should ALWAYS have another website to send people to and you should ALWAYS have an email optin so that you can create what we call in the biz repeat customers. So if you get your initial sales on Etsy you should still forever more try to send them to your site through that email list.


Because if they are shopping on your site during their 2nd purchase instead of your etsy shop on etsy you won’t be dealing with all of the millions of other shops competing with you on Etsy. Get it? Your own site has no competition. But Etsy has LOTS of competition. This is good and bad for you. It’s good for your original sale because you can STEAL your competitors sales

What? I swear I’m not crazy don’t unsubscribe. But during your loyal fans second purchase, you could actually lose the sale if they are on etsy instead of your site because of previously mentioned competition.

Woah woah woah, don’t give me that frustrated face. Those lines aren’t becoming you know. I have an easy solution for you. Now you listen to me. If you build a very very simple wordpress site and add an etsy plugin right inside the wordpress site, then every time you add a product to etsy, it shows up on your website. So you only have to enter products once. In other words, when you maintain your etsy shop, you update and maintain your wordpress site automatically.

Hey, I still see the scaredness on your face. Don’t worry. I’m thinking of doing another step-by-step screencasted tutorial for you. I’m thinkin’ of showing you step by step how to create this new etsy wordpress site plus I’ll show you how to install all the plugins you need including the etsy plugin. Oh, I’ll also give you the graphics for the site for free. So you’ll have absolutely everything you need for your brand new gorgeous site with all of your gorgeous etsy products inside. And the tutorial will be so easy that even the most tech-scared bestie can do it. You just follow my lead on my computer screen k? No skipped steps.

Wait how do I get paid?

Ok, here’s the deal. If you really really want this tutorial, totally free, I kind of need to know you’ll use it. Tutorials of this magnitude take me about a month to create. So if you want this tutorial, you’re gunna have to vote for it. To vote simply go to and let me know that this is the next tutorial you want. Now, I have to get at least 200 votes to make this tutorial worth it And I’m not exactly as popular as marie forleo so make sure you share this video everywhere if you want this etsy wordpress tutorial, totally free.

Stay for outtakes?

Love you all

peace out yo!

With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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Crocheted Spa Cloths Baby Washcloths Handmade sold on etsy by softtotouch for $9.50

When you just need a spa day at home, these products are an absolute must.

Enjoy your spa day at home! Don’t forget to sign up for my VIP Reviews list at 20 – X0X0 Renae.

Watch the video to know more about spa day at home.


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Hi Besties. You look like you could deserve a break. Let me help you have a spa day at home. Of course, you’ll need some essentials and I have just the thing.Tom! Go get the essentials so the besties can have a spa day at home. I love spa days at home

First, in order to have a luxurious spa day, you need a luxurious soap. And I have the perfect soap for you that’s unique, organic, all natural, has no funny ingredients, is eco friendly, including the packaging, comes with an exfoliant and is worthy of only the best spas.

Do you wanna know what it is? The soap is from Misogi Naturals. Sorry if I’m saying that wrong.

This soap was designed to lather incredibly well and does so as promised. And even more cool is that Misogi Naturals actually teaches you how to lather the soap like the spas do. They call it becoming a LatherMaster and they teach you how to do what’s called the Misogi Roll. I still don’t know if I’m saying it right.

Tom: Yeah, It’s Misogi, lather on lather off.

Misogi is performed by Aikedo Masters in pristine waterfalls for spiritual purification. You can’t get more spa like than that. Misogi Naturals has more than half a dozen flavors.

Tom: Flavors, what are we eating the soaps?

I mean scents like Bamboo Ash, Dragon Breath, Wasabi Lime, and my personal favorite, Mocha Kohi. Am I still saying things wrong? Well Misogi-Naturals also has an amazing body butter that’s worth mentioning. It’s a perfect pair if you get the soap and body butter together especially if it’s in the same sent.

And if you’re part of my VIP Product Reviews email list, totally free, then you have sitting in your email box a 15% discount code from Misogi Naturals so you can go shopping.

The LatherMaster soaps go for $12 and the body butters go for $18. Links below the video.

Next, what is a spa day without taking care of your poor feet? So I recommend the Heel to Toe Spa Pedicure Collection. This is my all time favorite feet medicine. It will take care of all those icky cracks and unsightly features. What? It’s not like I know or anything. Don’t make fun of me.

If you put this Spa Treatment right on your feet then put some cuddley socks on, you’ll immediately start to feel the healing. Ohhhh … it feeels soooo good. Amazon calls it a foot softener. It is, I’d say it’s a 10 in the foot softening category

Tom: It made her left foot so soft it almost melted off her ankle.

It also smells really good. It has a clean fragrance but it’s not overbearing like you need to clear the room after use. I do have to warn you though that there are a lot of oils inside this baby. So be warned and don’t go touching your face after you use this on your feet. You are bound to break out if you do that.

You can find the Heel to Toe Spa Pedicure Collection on Amazon. The 2 oz. bottle is available for only about ten bucks and you can get free shipping yup. I’ll have a direct link to the product below the video.

Next, to go along with your nice clean self and beautified feet, you’ll need to paint those beautiful toes. And it just so happens that I’ve found the perfect nail polish for you. Formula X is a nail polish that’s so incredible that I am now their biggest fan.

Tom: Formula X? isn’t that a motor oil?

You hear about nail polish that can go on in one coat. You hear about fast drying nail polish and all sorts of other gimmicks when it comes to nail polish. Now you listen to me. This is by far the best brand of nail polish I’ve ever tried. I’ll never go back, I’ll never go back.

My latest and favorite color in the Formula X collection is called Paramount. It’s a sage grey. But they have a plethora of other colors like powder blue, purple haze, tea rose pink, lilac and more. It goes on smoothly and yes, I only have to put on a single coat and I’m on the go. It’s not runny but it’s not too thick either.

Tom: just like motor oil

And yes, it dries faster than all my other nail polishes that I’ve ever tried ever. Now, to me, this nail polish is a tad expensive. It’s a little more than $20 a bottle. But, it is completely worth it for a splurge spa day especially if you get your favorite staple color.

Tom: Comes with a free dip stick

Tom: I mean, brush thingy

You can find the Formula X Nail Polish at any Sephora store or on Amazon. Link below the video.

Next, your gorgeous soft feet with newly painted toes, will need some casual and comfortable footwear for your spa day. And it just so happens that I have found the perfect flip flops for you. These are my favorite.

They are called CaliMojos Flip Flops They come in all sorts of colors and two different patterns: Palm and butterfly. And they have little rhinestones as a finishing touch right on the tops. These are sturdy flip flops and the best part? Besides being comfortable and besides the straps NOT interfering with your brand new pedicure is that the tops actually change color in the sun. I feel like a kid sometimes watching them change colors back and forth.

These flip flops are also very light weight and they are pvc free, recyclable and the rhinestone is nickel free. And I just love that the straps go straight across my foot.

Tom: Where did you expect the strap to go?

I mean straight across and not in the shape of a v like other flip flops. Anyway, I was wondering if that would be uncomfortable or I wondered if they would just plum fall off my feet but it turns out they just look so cool and they are still comfortable that way. They come in 4 different sizes and prices start at $24.95 on Amazon. Link below the video.

Next. Now that you’re all gorgeous and feeling good. It’s time to eat. And what’s better to eat on a spa day than chocolate? But not just any chocolate. Some of the best chocolate in the world that also happens to be organic and somewhat healthy for you. Well as healthy as chocolate candy can be.

Legit Organics has the perfect splurge candy bars for your spa day. They have two in particular that are my faves. And both are made in the US of A by the way.

The first is called Word. You know like WORD, word. I’m trying to be cool. Don’t make fun of me. And it’s made up of chocolate, caramel and nougat. This is a truly divine salted caramel and pillowy malted nougat covered in a creamy organic milk chocolate. This candy bar is way better than any hersheys, making it perfect for a splurge spa day. It’s so soft and gooey and the salted caramel is just right, just right.

The second candy bar is my favorite of the two and I demand that you get it for your spa day. Do you hear me? Demand. It’s called shot caller. I could relate it to a snickers I guess but it’s much better. It’s a decadent combination of rich organic milk chocolate, soft caramel, roasted peanuts and airy nougat. The airy nougat is my favorite part.

Legit Organics calls this the boss of all candy bars and thus the name, shot caller. Again, this candy bar is really soft and chewy and after looking at all the ingredients on the packages, I’m really impressed that they could make such a tasty candy without any ingredients that I don’t understand. Everything is organic. There aren’t any hydrogenated oils. There’s no artificial ingredients. It’s non-gmo, whatever that means. Seriously, with the ingredients on the package it looks like you could cook this candy bar up in your own kitchen but it probably wouldn’t taste as good.

Tom liked it too. Right Tom?

Tom: It was the only thing in our house softer than Renae’s foot.

My foot?

Tom: nevermind.

My foot?

You can go to to get more information on where to buy their delicious candy bars for your spa day.

Next, now that you’re all settled in, feeling good, you have painted toes and you’ve eaten chocolate. Now it’s time to settle in for the rest of your spa day and just soak in the relaxation and what better way to do that then to read an amazing book. I personally recommend  At Home With Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott. Jennifer herself is a lifestyle blogger and has written several books and this one is my personal favorite.

Even if you have kids and you’re living in squaller, Jennifer has a way of helping you escape it all and feel like you’re living the fine life with fine coffees and linens, tea and cakes and obedient children. Jennifer offers tips to organize your life but I appreciate the imagery she presents in the book when she talks about things like savoring lunch away from the computer and taking a moment to yourself to smile at yourself in the mirror.

This book was designed to empower readers, to emulate parisian elegance and simplicity. While the book is filled with guidance on changing your life to permanently reflect a parisian lifestyle, I really just enjoyed reading the book to escape the hectic moments of my kids stomping around and staining carpets and things. I think I’ll read it again.

Honestly, every woman needs to read this book if not for guidance on a simpler life then just as a delicious escape from your current life. This has fast become one of my favorite books. I keep it in mint condition on my nightstand.

At Home With Madame Chic also has fun life ideas, music playlists, recipes, beauty routines and advice peppered throughout the book and I find myself going back to it constantly for fun new finds. You can find the book on Amazon for a little more than $10 for the Kindle Version or I suggest splurging for the hardback version for $15.

That’s it for this week’s reviews. Don’t forget to grab my next product review 3 days early by signing up at Totally free

Stay for outtakes?

Love you all

Peace out yo

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Misogi Naturals |

Heel to Toe Spa Pedicure Collection |

Formula X For Sephora in Paramount |

CaliMojos Flip Flops |

Legit Organics Candy Bars |

Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott |

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With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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Very Hungry Caterpillar bunting – banner sold on etsy by BannerBananer for

Go grab your Etsy banners free templates directly from (totally free) plus I have a video tutorial to help you customize them further.

X0X0 Renae.

Watch the video to know more about these etsy banners free templates.


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Hi Besties, if you’re watching this video, I assume it’s because you’re looking for some awesome-sauce Etsy Banner Free Templates. Well, it just so happens that I’ve created some for you to customize any way you like. And I’ve also created a tutorial video showing you HOW to customize the templates. The tutorial training is step-by-step and I use for the tutorial which is a free online graphics editing program.

So the Etsy banner templates, the tutorial, the customization, this here video, it’s all free, wait …. how do I get paid? Tom! We need to talk about this!

So to help me out on your end, please do me a favor and thumbs up this video and leave a little thank you comment down below. That helps me grow and then I can offer more free stuff for ya’ll. Now let’s get to it.

Did you see the etsy banner templates? Kristy from and I actually created them for you. Kristy created the background and I resized them and added a few elements. Now Kristy did me this enormous favor and let me have these backrounds, totally free, to create these vintage banners for you.

And she also went out of her way to offer a discount code for you so you can go shopping in her shop for more.

And what is in Kristy’s shop? Well, my favorite item in Kristy’s shop is her Photoshop Vintage Course. If you have an online business then you’re going to eventually need to learn graphic design even if you don’t have a graphic design business yourself. In every situation you’re going to need amazing branding to survive and Kristy’s Photoshop Vintage Course is the avenue to get you there.

Now, just a disclaimer here that I am NOT an affiliate of Life-n-Reflection or Kristy’s. I just have seen everything she’s done and know how amazing her Photoshop Vintage Course is.

Now, if you’re ready to get your free etsy banner templates simply go to at any time. I’ll be there waiting. Just like now … I’m waiting for you to go to

Stay for outtakes?

Love you all,

peace out yo

With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy 8 charm bracelet charm – Squall charm for Final Fantasy game Charming Sushi bracelet BUY 3, BRACELET FREE! sold on etsy by CharmingSushi for $4.78

Having trouble deciding between Blogger VS WordPress?

Here are some definite answers from the experts. Don’t forget to grab your Webkit at to get started – X0X0 Renae.

Watch the video to know more about the blogger vs wordpress.


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Hi Besties, Blogger vs wordpress? Hmmm, zat is the question. To which Dr. FrankenSEO has the answer.

[franken] It’s true I do have z answer and it might surprise you.

Z! Go get the intro so we can discuss blogger vs. wordpress. I love telling you my opinions

So Dr. FrankenSEO, Everyone is waiting for an answer. Which is better? Blogger or WordPress

[franken] definitely wordpress

Buy why? You’re making blogger feel bad

[franken] I have 6 reasons why wordpress is better than blogger


[franken] My boyfriend Google likes WordPress way better and always puts wordpress blogs above blogger blogs on search results.

and second?

[franken] You can own your content if you use wordpress on your own hosting

Oooo, how can people do that dr. frankenseo? It sounds complicated.

[franken] silly Renae, you have a step-by-step web tutorial zat teaches people exactly how to do zat

Totally free. Just go to to grab the free step-by-step tutorial plus an exclusive kit with extra graphics and tools to help you from start to finish.

[franken] yeah.

Why else do you like wordpress more than blogger Dr. FrankenSEO?

[franken] You have more power for better branding with wordpress

I love branding

[franken] Yes, yes you do.

What is the 4th reason you like wordpress more than blogger?

[franken] You can back-up your blog if you own it with wordpress on your own hosting.

So … you’re saying I wouldn’t have had to start that one blog over after 2 years if I had it backed up?

[franken] mmmm yes.

What is the 5th reason you love wordpress more than blogger?

[franken] Can you imagine having a smartphone without any apps?


[franken] Well zat it exactly what it’s like having a blog with no apps. And you can’t have apps on blogger people.

And what is the last reason you love wordpress Dr. FrankenSEO?

[franken] You can categorize your posts on wordpress

You can’t do that on blogger?

[franken] nope. it’s all random posting.

So I wouldn’t be able to to categorize my blog into Product reviews, Silly videos, Serious webinars, Website tutorials, Social Media News, Extra Special Announcements, I need a sec and more?

[franken] right. Clearly wordpress is the right choice for your new blog besties.

And it just so happens that I have a free step-by-step tutorial to help you get started. I mentioned it’s free right … It’s totally free … don’t make fun of me. I know what I”m doing! Remember to go to to get started asap.

[franken] stay for outtakes?

Love you all

peace out yo!

With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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Old Habits Die Hard sign sold on etsy by woodshed for $6.00

Highly successful people have certain habits that they follow throughout their day-to-day routines that keep them on track and moving forward no matter what type of adversity may stand in their way.

There are books and lists and blogs and articles you can find that outline specific habits that, if followed, can help you achieve success with less challenge and difficulty.

Here are six habits of highly successful people that are focused on keeping you pointed in the right direction with your business goals if you keep them in mind and diligently apply them.

  1. Have a mentor.  While you may think you can go solo and reach the stars, there may come times where you could benefit from having someone who’s either been in your shoes or can provide you with invaluable advice and point you toward vital resources.  A mentor doesn’t necessarily have to give you a helping hand, but they can listen when you need to talk about business-related matters and provide you with an intelligent response to your concerns.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take risks.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a leap of faith into the “great unknown” doesn’t mean you’ll crash and burn.  To the contrary, many great business ventures began with a leap of faith.  Taking managed risks, even when you’re not sure of the outcome, can often produce amazing results no matter what market or industry you are involved in.
  3. Make use of all available resources.  This particular habit is not specific to any one part of your business enterprise, but it can most often come into play regarding your marketing efforts.  While you should certainly stick with what works and follow the adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” don’t limit yourself to a few options when you have dozens at your disposal.  For example, ClickBank is a great resource for helping you organize and manage your financial goals and is an excellent tool to add to your business arsenal.
  4. Always think outside the box.  Highly successful people get that way because they don’t follow the herd or take the easy route.  If you want to be successful with your business ventures, you have to differentiate yourself from your competition, and that means you have to consistently demonstrate that you’ve got something no one else has, or that you can fulfill a need where there’s a gap in the supply chain (or a need that people didn’t realize they had in the first place).  Never follow the leader when you can be the leader.
  5. Envision yourself where you want to be, not where you’re at now.  Highly successful people see themselves as being highly successful, and every step they take is one that is designed to move them ever-forward toward their end goals.  If your ultimate goal is to be mediocre, that’s what you’ll be…but if your ultimate goal is to be the best, biggest, and brightest star in the sky, see yourself there and make it happen.  You can never dream “too” big!
  6. Don’t be too proud.  If you make a mistake, admit it.  If you need help, ask for it.  When you allow hubris to stand in the way of your goals, you are setting yourself up for defeat.  You can still keep your head in the clouds, but always make sure you keep your feet on the ground.

Being successful begins and ends with you.  Set your goals, develop solid plans, and take strides toward what you consider to be the “finish line” of your race to success.



McCoy Traffic Light (Stop Light) Cookie Jar, McCoy Cookie jar, Cookie Jar, McCoy, McCoy Collectors item, Chrsitmas Gift, Stop Light sold on etsy by KoolCookieJarsNMore for $55.00

If you’re looking for free website traffic then I have the best resource for you … EVER.

Join me for my Unique Traffic Source Webinar to discover my own secret traffic source PLUS get free software to help use it. – X0X0 Renae.

Watch the video to know more about free website traffic.


Not seeing the video? Click here.

Hi Besties, So many of you have been emailing me and while I don’t have time to respond to everything, I’ve read every single email, and clearly a lot of you have questions about traffic. Especially about how to get free website traffic. Z! Go get the answers to the besties traffic questions! I love answering bestie questions

While I’ve made several videos about how to bring in traffic, I do have a lil’ bit of a secret weapon I myself use. Do you want to know what it is? Well I’ll tell you what it’s NOT. My secret traffic source is NOT Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media site.

Are you getting excited yet? Let’s do a webinar! In true Renae Christine fashion, I’m going to host a one hour webinar to not only tell you about my number one secret source for traffic but I’m also going to give you a software that I personally created just for you so that you can use that secret traffic source. Totally free. But you have to show up to the webinar to get it.

But Renae, why does your traffic source need software and why don’t other business analysts talk about it? Other business coaches and analysts will NEVER tell you about this new source of traffic because.

1. They aren’t web programmers so they don’t understand it.

2. They don’t get a commission on it.

3. Even if they did understand it they would have no idea on how to expain it to you.

I, on the other hand don’t care about commission. I’m weird like that. Am a web programmer so I DO understand it. And as a programmer I built something for you so that you can use it just like I do.

You’re welcome.

Now I don’t know if I’ll be able to post a webinar replay so try to register and try to show up on time. I’m only allowing 100 registrants this time. And by the way the last time I did a traffic webinar like this

I had over 400 registrants. That was 6 months ago and I’ve gotten a lot new besties since then.

Where should we go renae?!?

To register for the free traffic webinar simply go to All lowercase.

Whoa. Where did we move too?

Oh you again.

What? You’re the one who locked me in the bathroom

No. You’re the one who escaped then locked me in the closet

So? You escaped and got me with one of Leilani’s blankets

Yeah. I sure loved that blanket

Yeah it was really soft

Stay for outtakes?

Don’t forget to go register for the free traffic webinar at so that you can learn how to get free website traffic the right way.

Love you all

Peace out yo!

With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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Tribute to Mom Vintage 80′s Signed Ren “Working Mom” Pewter Brooch/Pin sold on etsy by SARAHSVINTAGEBAUBLES for $10.00

Want more consumer reviews?

Check out my Top 10 favorite products of all time at – X0X0 Renae.

Watch the video to know more about these consumer reviews.


Not seeing the video? Click here.

Hi Besties, Today’s consumer reviews come directly from my working mom blog. You will not be disappointed. Z! Go get the disclaimers! I don’t get paid for my reviews and if you want to see my super secret favorite products I’ve ever reviewed ever, go to

First, Mystik Beauty Corner. Monique sent me this adorable earrings set for Mother’s Day for me and my girls. What? I’ve been very busy and haven’t gotten around to reviewing it until now. Don’t make fun of me.

One of my favorite aspects about Monique’s jewelry is that she twists the wire around her pieces. So they are very unique but simple. My girls freaked out at these earrings and I’ll try my best to make sure they don’t lose them. These would be uber fun as stocking stuffers for everyone for Christmas or even just family pictures.

Products in Monique’s shop range from $15 to $35 for the Mommy and me collection. You can check out more products in Monique’s shop by going to .

Next, Kyodora kick mats. These are the absolute coolest solution for protecting your car seats from your kids’ feet. And right away after Tom and I installed them, which was really easy by the way, my kids immediately tested them to the max.

They are light weight and don’t bother anyone in the front seat and I wondered if they would because they have to hug the bottom of the front seat to work. But no, you don’t even notice it. But you do notice a difference in cleanliness. Especially if you have a 4 and 5 year old bent on destroying all your things.

Now, when you do install these babies, all you have to do is pull a strap to adjust it then it can hug your seat tightly. You don’t want these things all loose and flappin’ around. But all it takes a snap to install. We set up ours in about 5 minutes.

By the way these are super easy to clean you just wipe them right off. AND these are water resistant which is also a super plus if you’re dealing with juice in the back seat. or throw up.

The kick mats range in price from $20 to $30 depending on if they’re on sale. Plus you can get free shipping if you purchase them on Amazon but your order has to exceed $35 total to get the free shipping. Just look for a direct link below this video.

Next, I just read a book. Yes I read. And low and behold it has quickly become one of my favorite business books of all time. It’s called the 22 Laws of Immutable Branding. There’s a reason this book has amazing reviews on amazon. It’s written by some of the best branding gurus on planet earth, Al and Laura Ries. I don’t know if I’m saying their names right, and it’s filled with substance.

This book opened my eyes and I already thought I knew everything about branding what? Truly, if you own a business, this is a must read even if you’re just on etsy selling somethin’ small. It’s made me change quite a bit in my own businesses. It tells you mistakes big companies have made and it tell you how to avoid those mistakes even if you’re business is small.

I just wish I read this book a looooong time ago. It’s 100% substance and 100% easy to read and it teaches you how to 100% focus. Hey you. Yeah you. The one who wants to start 5 different businesses in 5 different fields. Read this book before you do ANYTHING.

The book ranges in price on Amazon from $7 to $24 depending on if you get the kindle version all the way up to the audible version. Again, look for a direct link to the book below this video.

Next, I was absolutely shocked when I fell in love … with a printer. Yeah. I’m kind of embarrassed. But when I set up the HP Envy 5530 in my home I quickly learned a few things about printer love. First, I never cared about the screen of a printer before until now. The screen makes my eyes melt out of my head. It’s even in color.

What I love best about this printer though, is that it has a feature called eprint. So my computer doesn’t even need to be plugged into the printer to print. I can even print from my phone or ipad or whatever and the printer even has its own email address attached to it.

So wherever I am in the world or my assistant, if I email the printer something, it just prints it right out. I want to cry it’s so easy to use. It doesn’t get jammed. You can print on both sides easily AND if you’re like me and you sign up for the hp instant ink program thingy, your printer communicates with hp and hp will send you ink automatically in the mail when you needed.

Oh by the way hp offers a huge discount on ink if you’re part of the program. I’ve never in my life seen ink so cheap. And I owned a stationery company so I know. I do. Don’t make fun of me.

This printer is available on Amazon for about $65 plus you get free shipping. Direct link down below the video

Next, I want to talk to you about your phone case. These things are everywhere, malls, airports … soon they’ll probably be in starbucks. And if you’re like me you’ve gone through a bunch of these things.

But wabam! I found the best iphone case, especially for moms. This Speck iphone case holds three credit cards right on the outside. It holds them snuggly so you know they won’t fall out, yet it’s not impossible to get them out when you need them like if you get pulled over for speeding.

Now, the speck iphone case might seem a little expensive at almost $40 on amazon but it’s worth every penny especially if you’re a mom. I don’t even have to carry a purse around anymore. But I do have to carry the kids’ stuff still.

I’ll have a link below the video for the iphone case.

That’s it for this week’s reviews. Stay tuned for outtakes.

Love you all.

Peace out yo.

♥♥♥ Mentions ♥♥♥

Mystik Beauty Corner |

Kyodora kick mats |

22 Laws of Immutable Branding |

HP ENVY 5530 |

Speck iPhone Case |

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With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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Personalized Heart Initial Necklace – Heart Initial Jewelry Gold Plated Pewter sold on etsy by emilyjdesign for $26.00

Make sure you don’t make this mistake when starting a jewerly business.

How to start a jewelry business. Grab a list of jewelry suppliers at – X0X0 Renae.

Watch the video to know more about how to start a jewelry business.


Not seeing the video? Click here.

Hi Bestie. So you want to start a jewelry business. Have no fear. Because I Renae Christine am here to show you How to start a jewelry business and in this particular training we’re going to talk about the biggest mistake jewelry business sellers make when getting started that can actually lead to failure in just your first year of business.

Z! Go get the intro so we can get started. I love jewerly businesses

Let’s go!

Have you ever heard the old saying: Buy low sell high? Well, it’s the same with your jewelry business, even if you’re making your jewelry collections from scratch. You’ll need a proper wholesale supplier so you can make a proper product line. Your supplier can sell jewelry in whole pieces or you can find a supplier that sells the materials for you to make custom pieces. And the biggest mistake I see new jewelry business owners make, especially if they are trying to sell on ebay or etsy, that they go to a retail craft store like Michaels and try to buy some materials on sale so they can create a custom jewelry piece to sell at a premium price. Or I see new jewelry business owners go to google to find wholesale jewelry suppliers or wholesale materials to make your jewelry

But Renae … why is this a problem? We need materials and supplies to sell our jewelry

Listen, you aren’t buying low enough. Because you’re used to seeing the sign “clearance” in a craft store you’re thinking this is as low as it gets. But you’re wrong. You are STILL buying at retail prices and can and should buy lower. And when you go to Google for a wholesaler or manufacturer, you are actually finding retailers there as well masking themselves as wholesalers. Is this making any sense.

Google is lying to you! Stupid Google.

But Renae how do you know that google isn’t showing us real wholesalers or manufacturers?

If you find yourself on a site, and that company sells their products to the general public through a website, they are NOT a good enough wholesaler and their prices still simply aren’t low enough for you to sell high. Because true wholesalers and manufacturers DON’T sell to the general public. They sell to retail companies (nm awkward silence) and that’s what you want to be right? If you buy from googled companies, your profit margins will NOT be enough for you to stay in business for long. You’ll be like the michael scott paper company. You’ll create a piece of jewelry and you’ll get paid like a dollar an hour for your time.

But then Renae, how can we find a true wholesale supplier at these lower costs then?

I can’t believe I’m going to just give you this information. After being in business myself since 2006 I have access to a directory with literally hundreds of true wholesale jewelry suppliers and wholesalers. These are all companies with the lowest prices for jewelry supplies, materials and jewelry whole pieces on the planet. These are companies that only the big wigs in business know about and never want to tell you. Because really, a company’s supplier is that companies most guarded secret.

So … do you want the link for this super awesome-sauce directory that I use?

I dunno, you haven’t clicked the like button on this video yet. Just kidding. No really, click the thumbs up button. You don’t need to do that

Do it!

No, don’t worry about it, I mean it only helps me and not you so who cares

Ok, so to grab the list, simply go to There you’ll be able to get instant access to my favorite suppliers list and I’ll also be able to send you even more awesome-sauce and more in-depth trainings to help you learn how to start a jewelry business the right way. The way the big boys do it. Or girls. Women, I mean women. I’m a woman.

Again that’s so I’ll see you there.

Love you all,

Peace out yo!

With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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Marina Cottage Product of the Month Club! One year membership sold on etsy by MarinaCottageSoapCo for $24.00

Want to see product reviews 3 days EARLY plus get access to the discounts mentioned in this product review?

Subscribe free at to get everything delivered right to your email box – X0X0 Renae.

Watch the video to know more about these product reviews.


Not seeing the video? Click here.

Hi Bestie,I have some more awesome-sauce product reviews for you today. But first, if you’re on my email list you already got an email from me with major news about product review discounts. As you may know, normally the discounts I give during these product reviews are only available to Rich Mom University besties. However, as of today if you are on my email list through then you will not only be emailed the discount codes with each episode but you will be emailed each episode 3 days before they are published live to the public. Now, remember that there are still almost 100 discount codes inside the Rich Mom University and you won’t have access to those. But you will have access to the discount codes from that exact episode that will also be included with that email. So the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start gathering discount codes and seeing my product reviews 3 days earlier than anyone else.

Is this making any sense?

But, once again you have to be subscribed free, that’s right I said free at Now onto the reviews! Z! Go get the disclaimers. I don’t get paid for my reviews and I only review the products that I love!

First! Modern Mommy Jewelry is a jewelry shop that cares. Amanda herself started Modern Mommy Jewelry when she was a single mother and her story is absolutely inspiring and so is her jewelry. And you know what? I’m always telling business people how to make an incredible about page or about section of your shop. And to this day, after reviewing more than 250 products since 2012, I have yet to find a better about page then Amanda’s in her Etsy shop (Z, show her website in a graphic) Her about page almost made me cry. Yeah. It’s that good. But besides her amazing story, she has some gorgeous jewelry. She fashions all sorts of roses, flowers and tiny tiny trinkets inside glass orbs. So one looks like a gumball machine, another has a wishbone in it, another one has a bird nest and other’s have elegant glass roses and more. She also has other jewelry with sayings, artwork and more. She sent me one of her glass orbs with a rose inside. And she sent me a necklace with a nautical compass type artwork with a glass orb covering it. The quality is that of a boutique store. And the details are incredible.

Now, you can’t see it on camera but their’s actually a shimmery gold painted right on the tip edges of the rose here. The metal for the chains and clasps is a heavy antique metal that you know will last even if a child gets to it. The nautical compass necklace goes for $10.95 in her Etsy shop and the Gold Tipped Rose Glass Orb necklace goes for $14.95. And Amanda has issued a 20% discount code for members. And if you become part of my email list at, then you can have access to that discount. So once again you can check out her shop at

Next, I don’t know if any of you have the same problem as me. I have a laptop loaded with software like Photoshop and Video Editing software. Just all sorts of gunky stuff that weighs down the speed of simply checking my email. I have a phone but that’s too small and annoying. I have an ipad and I even got a keyboard to go with it. But that still didn’t seem to have the easy of function as my laptop. But still, it takes me 10 minutes to turn on my laptop just to check my email. Grrr.

But then low and behold I found a surprising solution. I got this lil’ device called Google Chromebook. No, no, you can’t weigh it down with software. In fact you can’t download any programs to it. It’s weightless and wonderful.The best part is, it only takes 7 total seconds for the entire computer to be turned on, me to login and be checking my email. It’s so incredibly thin and portable. And almost every software that I needed to download before I have found a version online in some sort of cloud form through the Google Chromebook store. This is hands down the best laptop I’ve ever been in love with.

Will I throw away my other laptop? No way. There are some softwares I still can’t live without. But will I EVER check my email or do social media on my old laptop again? No way. I so happily switch between the laptops as I need too and my production has doubled because of the speed of my new Google Chromebook. I love you Google Chromebook.

Google Chromebook is available on Amazon for a little over $300. Just go to Amazon and search Google Chromebook HP.

Next, I gots me some new vlogging shoes. Because of my bad feet and cuz I’m a mom, I’m kind of on my feet all day. So my fancy shoe wearing days are pretty much over. Unless I’m a date with Tom Cote At the same time though it’s hard to find a sporty type shoe that’s comfortable, won’t weigh you down and is cool in color. Well, it was time to buy new shoes again and I didn’t expect to find a pair that resembles the same blue that Tiffany and Co. uses to wrap their delicious jewelry. But at the same time the shoe wasn’t tacky with crazy-sauce designs and bling


Ok, so my new shoes are from New Balance and they are the WL501BLB model. They are comfortable but give some real sturdy support. I’ve had New Balance shoes before and they always give good support for about a year before you need to buy a new pair. And that’s if you wear them every day like I do. But they aren’t bulky and aren’t heavy like I find a lot of Nike or Sketcher shoes to be. Don’t hate me Nike or Sketcher people. These are super cute to wear with Tiffany Blue tops and other tiffany blue items and just makes for a real stylish mompreneur.

These New Balance shoes are at Amazon for about $45. Just go to Amazon and search “New Balance WL501BLB”

Next, Inbal Designs. Sorry, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right. Has some really gorgeous one of a kind jewelry pieces. I love everything in her shop. Inbal herself graduated with a Bachelor in jewelry design. All of her pieces are one of kind and has the same understated elegance and quality that totally reminds me of Tiffanys. I’ve never said that before.

Yes. She sent me these gorgeous earrings and I’ve spent hours on her site looking at more. These earrings are made of silver and have subtle heart shape patterns. They are also part of the Jasmine collection and that’s another reason I love her shop. Everything comes in a collection so you can get the matching necklace and rings with it. But! That doesn’t necessarily mean all the pieces in the collection are exactly the same, you can just tell they are closely matched so they are in the same collection. And I like that. Again, understated elegance, amazing quality, just like Tiffanys. But, I have to say, I don’t just love her jewelry. I love her blog. Her blog features different ways of storing your jewelry and I believe one of her last blog posts featured these macaroon looking lace jewelry holders things.They were just awesome-sauce.

These earrings are real silver mind you and they retail in her shop for $45. Check her out at

Next! sent me one of the most amazing snack boxes. At first I thought, is this one of those subscription box thingies that you pay $30 a month for? Am I going to tell people to pay $30/month for snacks? Low and behold this one was different and here’s how.

First of all, all their snacks are organic, healthy and yummy. And I mean really healthy, not just pretend healthy. And yummy,not just pretend yummy. Also, for every box you get, LoveWithFood donates a meal to a hungry child right here in the US. And the best part? Besides the yummy ness and the donate-ness. Is that you get this box for only $10. That’s like you’re pretty much paying for shipping. I know if I went to the store and bought everything in here it would be at least $10 and it wouldn’t be for the healthy versions of the snacks, if ya know what I mean.

So Tom, my girls and I all tried out the goodies inside. Everything was delicious. I loved it. My kids loved it. Tom loved it.

And you know what? I liked that a few items were really unique so it felt very much like a surprise and I would love to get this in the mail every month for $10 because I would want to try new things. Yeah, It’s like a gift to yourself every month of healthy snacks. I love it!

And if you order by October 1st then you can get their October box.You can check them out and order a box at

Next, I have reviewed Organo Gold hot chocolate before a little over a year ago. And I loved it so much that I had to mention it again when I made my all-time famous Jury Duty video. Until now though, I never tried Organo Gold coffee. Well they sent me one or two or 4 boxes to try.

I tried their Black Coffee, Gourmet Cafe Latte, Premium Gourmet King of Coffee, and Gourmet Cafe Mocha. Keeping in mind that these are all instant coffees, I really really liked them. And you know what, I may just order more. My favorite was surprisingly enough the Gourmet Cafe Latte. I wasn’t expecting to like an instant Latte like that but I liked it very much. I’m not really a latte type of person. In fact, I’m kind of a plain coffee with nothing fancy type person. But their latte in particular was very smooth and not overly sweet. And I found myself drinking it at 7 pm when I recorded my review And it took me a loooong while to go to sleep. But you know what, I didn’t care. Because that’s how much I liked it.

My final verdict is that, if you’re a person that uses instant coffee, or you keep instant coffee on hand for emergencies or vacations and such, Organo Gold is definitely the way to go. I sure wish I had these in Connecticut this summer. And if you want more information or to purchase the best place is at

So that’s it for this week’s reviews. Remember to go to to get exclusive vip preview and discount access to my product reviews 3 days before their publishing dates.

Love you all.

Peace out yo!


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Love With Food |

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With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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Set of 4 Website Pencils – Personalized Pencils, Custom Pencils, Engraved Pencils, Personalized Pencils for Kids, Cute girly pencils sold on etsy by stampoutonline for $5.00

Get more free help at -

Learn how to make your own $5000 PRO Website with a live chat feature and more! 

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This training will take you step-by-step through building a pro Website for your business:

* Add a contact form to your own Website
* Add a live chat feature to your own Website
* Add photos, videos, titles, pages and a blog to your own Website
* Add a professional slider, buttons, links to your own Website
* Install WordPress, add a theme, customize your theme, change your header to your own Website
* And a lot more!

With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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Negotiation sold on etsy by Brantschalkart for $20.00

Revealed! 4 secrets of negotiations for powerful women.

Learn how to overcome your negotiating fear with the following tips. XOXO LucyAlia.

Watch the video to know more about the secrets of negotiations.


Not seeing the video? Click here.

You may have heard the statistic that many women (20 percent, in fact) don’t negotiate – and those that do tend to negotiate for lower rates than men (around 30 percent less). These statistics come from Linda C. Babcock, and they may seem somewhat worrying. However, much of the negativity women face in or after negotiations is due to the negotiation style they choose – the aggressive, demanding style that works for men. Here, we’ll look at four secrets of how to negotiate without that risk, and to end up with the money you deserve.


 Be Aware of Your Emotions

Emotions can be utilised well in negotiation – a well-timed display of anger can show strength or determination. However, using your emotions to your advantage is often harder for women. There’s a society-wide tendency to assume emotional women are irrational in a way that’s rarely applied to men. You may find it’s easier to keep cool and collected rather than attempting to imitate the oft-used methods you’ll be familiar with from your male counterparts. It’s incredibly frustrating to be told to ‘calm down’ or ‘not to get so upset’, but showing that frustration will only cause the opposing party to feel validated. The best thing to do is to over-prepare – if you can back everything you say up with strong evidence, the claim of irrational emotionality can’t be applied to your arguments.

Find A Mentor Group

One problem many women encounter is being unsure of how much they can or should ask for, and how much the average wage may be. It can be challenging to find out as well, as many staff will not want to discuss money. If you can find a mentor group – groups designed for women in business are great for this – then they’ll be able to offer you advice on what you should expect. In addition, many of them will be familiar with the complexities of negotiating in a male-dominating business and may have some tricks up their sleeve. The final, and potentially most important, advantage of a mentor group is the networking opportunities it presents. Not only is networking incredibly useful in general, the advantage of networking within a women-only group is that they’ll be able to inform you of which businesses harbour which attitudes – something you may find useful in the future. 


Start With A Communal Focus

Not only can it be challenging for you to talk about yourself and focus on why they should give you an increase in pay, it can result in a negative response. There is a way to avoid this problem, however, and that’s to approach negotiations with a communal focus. Instead of using “I” statements, and focusing solely on your own strengths, talk about what you can provide to the business. Highlight which areas of weakness your strengths would assist, and what you can bring to others in the company. By using this communal approach, women tend to receive less negativity in response to their requests. It’s a useful skill, and one well worth practising.

Practice, Practice, Practice

On that note – practising is one of the most important things you can do. There are many negotiation training courses on offer, and some offer negotiation training specifically targeted at women. This can be a good way to build up your confidence without any risks. In addition, practising on specific courses will allow you to grow using feedback that your mirror or your friends won’t necessarily be able to provide.


Of course, many of these negotiation training courses may not help – if you’re worried about finding one that’s not just a motivational-based speaker, look up the trainee and their background. You ideally want a teacher who is a woman who has been working in business for some time, or a researcher into the academic background of negotiation. The business woman will have hands on experience, whilst a researcher will have a broad knowledge of the overall system. If the speaker only has a background in speaking, it’s best to move on and find someone who has been in the business world themselves.

With just these four tips, you should soon see a dramatic increase in not only your own confidence at negotiating, but your success!

LucyAlia is a mother of two who currently lives in New York City with her husband and teenage daughter. She is passionate about dancing and acting but her creative juices dont just stop there. Being multi-talented, she enjoys and takes part in designing accessories, clothing and doing photography. She even shoots photos of her own designs. The best part of it all is that she is able to do this from the comfort of her own home.

LucyAlias household is filled with creative energy from her beautiful daughter’s clothing line to her husband’s Personal Training Bootcamp and musical career. LucyAlia is always there cheering them on with whatever they do. She loves her family and enjoys spending time with them at home, including her two additions to the family, her dogs Gizmo and Jezebel. Aside from spending time with her family she also enjoys socializing with her friends.

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Infant Baby Toddler Camo Boonie Hat Duck Hunting Max 4 Advantage HD Fits up to 18″ Head sold on etsy by MARYELLENWATERMELONS for $25.00

Advantages of online shopping for moms.

Learn the different reasons why you should shop online. XOXO Monique.

Watch the video to know more about online shopping for moms.


Not seeing the video? Click here.

Being a mom is probably one of the busiest and most pleasurable roles in life. If you are a mom, then you know how tough it could be to juggle around your job, housework, the kids and shopping. For the convenience of many hardworking super moms, online shopping has been made incredible reliable. If you aren’t too familiar with online shopping but you are a mom, then you are clearly missing out. Online shopping has provided moms with so many advantages. Now is the time for you to discover the best benefits of online shopping for moms.

Very convenient

Picture your typical day, waking up early, cooking breakfast, waking up the kids, getting them ready, heading to work or doing house chores, picking up the kids, juggling sports and dance practice, cooking dinner and putting the kids to sleep. Hectic isn’t it? If this sounds like your day, where do you fit in shopping? In reality you probably shop like once or twice a week for yourself or for your family. One of the best things about online shopping is that you could pretty much go on any website of your choose and shop away. It doesn’t matter if it is day or night, because online shopping is always available for you. Shopping online is great for moms with infants or toddlers, those who stay at home or moms who are stuck at home due to bad weather and need to do some shopping. If you’re looking for convenience, online shopping could be your best bet.

Capture You could compare prices

How many times have you visited a store and you were stuck to settle with whatever price that the store has for you for that specific item? Probably 9 out of 10 times right? Another advantage of online shopping for moms is that you could check out different websites and compare prices throughout all those websites. You don’t have to settle for just one store and one price. You could look compare prices from different vendors at any time during the day. You don’t even have to buy the item at the moment because you could access the website as long as you have access to the internet. Instead of feeling guilty about paying more for a product that is way cheaper in another store, you don’t have to get the feeling anymore if you try out Online Payment. You aren’t forced to make decisions immediately because you hold your own time and it is your choice whether to buy the item or not. You could even find yourself in saving more money in comparison to going to an actual store.

You have endless selections

Going to a physical store usually means that you only have a limited stock of certain products. That means that you cannot get the variety of items that you may need. Face it, being a mom means that you most often have to buy more than one of a specific item, especially if you have more than one child. With online shopping, once you look through one store branch and find out that they don’t have what you are looking for, you could jump right on to the other store branch located somewhere else and have it reserved and shipping out to you in a matter of seconds. You have the power to choose from a wide variety of options and you could pretty much buy however much that you want and need at the moment.

Read consumer reviews

If you aren’t too sure about a certain item, you don’t have to take the risk of buying it and not liking it or using it after purchase. You have easy access to consumer reviews when you buy online. You could read through ratings and reviews in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re a busy mom trying to juggle around house chores, your family and work, online shopping is your sure bet. You are provided with many advantages that you may not find in going to a physical store. You are comfortable, you are at home, you have the chance to choose exactly what you need and you could spend time with your family while shopping.

Work at home mom of 2 boys under 5. Busy with youtube channel, jewelry and chocolates trying to earn an income.. All between naps and preschool, i\\’ve got my hands full.. And loving it!

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Hi Besties! I found the best Social Media Training for Social Media Jobs EVER.

Check out this free Social Media Training webinar and let me know how you looooove it!

Watch the video to know more about this social media training.


Not seeing the video? Click here.

Hi Besties! Today I want to talk to you about social media jobs plus give you some free social media training. I mentioned they’re free right? They’re free. I begged some of the top peeps in the social media industry to host this free social media training webinar for you. The social media training webinar is called “How to become a Social Media Manager And Get Your First Client in 30 Days.”

Andrea and Phyllis wrote Facebook Marketing All-In-One For Dummies. I believe they’ve also written in some of the other for dummy social media books. I dunno. They’ve done so much I can’t list it all. They are some of the most sought after speakers in the social media industry worldwide. And I got them to talk to you my bestie. Totally free.

Since a lot of you awesome-sauce besties are signed up through my exclusive private videos also totally free, you already heard about this webinar and a ton of you have already signed up.But! but! If 100 more of you sign up I will personally screencast myself making a step-by-step diy website for your new social media manager career that you can literally copy, pasteand customize. And you know me, I always make this stuff easy.

Since I”m a programmer I know the tricks of the trade and I’ll show you the same steps that professional programmers use to code $5,000 websites. Plus I’ll include the same graphics and kit that I put together for the site so you can just literally plugin your site and customize. Zup? But you only have 48 hours to share this webinar through my link and help get those extra peeps signed up. Or there will be no extra free tutorial Noooooooooooooo!

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Love you all

Peace out yo!

With kids in tow, Renae Christine has successfully built dozens of businesses for herself and others.

She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home Business Startup Bible, started the Rich Mom Business University, and is currently co-host for one of the fastest growing podcasts Funny Stuff And Cheese.

In between raising kids and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

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10 questions to spark creativity in your life and biz.

Learn the top 10 questions you should be asking yourself to spark your creativity. XOXO Athena.

Watch the video to know more about these questions to spark creativity.


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Athena Moberg, CPC
Athena Moberg is a success coach & military mom who currently resides in Hawaii with her husband Jim. She dedicates most of her time to mentoring new parents, single moms & people who have survived devastating trauma.

Athena’s favorite platforms to help others on are Twitter, Skype & YouTube. What she loves most is providing very specialized help; equipping you with the tools you need to overcome challenges in your business, parenting & relationships.

Athena’s creative outlets are public speaking, podcasting, acting, writing, photography, graphic design, music and nurturing her orchid plants. Athena loves to be silly, and volunteers in her community whenever possible. The #NoMoreShame Project is something Athena is dedicating a lot of time to, as well. (Ask her about it! : )

Athena’s home is a place of fun, food and fellowship. She and Jim enjoy entertaining & hosting weekly bible studies or intimate dinners with their closest friends & family. Traveling is a huge passion of Athena’s. In fact, she’s probably coming to a town near you soon! Reach out, connect with her and start living out your life with intention and purpose!

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